These 3 Deadly “Seduction Sins” Are Secretly Killing Your Chances with the Girls You Really Like


By Bobby Rio
Co-creator of:  Unlock Her Legs:  How to Finally Nail that Hard to Get Girl

I call these the “deadly seduction sins” … and if you ever had a girl you though liked you go ICE COLD and lose interest… or if the girls you fall for never seem to like you back… you’re probably making at least one of these mistakes.

Seduction Sin #1: – Letting Her Know How You Feel Too Soon

Sure it feels good to release all those bottled up feelings and blurt out “I love you” or tell her how special she is.  And man, if Hollywood doesn’t make that look like the key to her heart….

But once the “challenge” disappears… usually so does SHE.

If a girl suddenly goes cold on you, loses interest or pulls away, I can almost guarantee its because she figured you out to soon.   And that bores her.

And with girls boredom = death. 

Bottom line? Once a girl knows she has you… It’s OVER and you can never have her.

Seduction Sin # 2:  – Being Too “Agreeable”

When you have a lot in common with a girl, share the same sense of humor, get along like peanut butter and jelly… you probably start thinking “girlfriend material” or “she’s the one”…  and decide, “I better not mess this up.”

Once that thought goes through your mind your like a sitting duck… Because you go into “perfect guy” mode…  And start acting like a super nice, watered down, Rated PG version of yourself, afraid to offend or upset her.  

Big mistake. 

You’re forgetting one fat fact:  Girls LOVE DRAMA

That’s why most “nice guys” lose the girls they really like.  Girls get bored. She wants some good old-fashioned drama.

Bottom line, if you’re not occasionally disappointing her, pissing her off, or confusing the shit out of her… She’s probably not thinking about you at all.

(Side Note: Not capturing her attention is the #1 reason she’ll sleep with another guy! <<== Click Here to Avoid This)

Seduction Sin #3: -Trying Too Hard

In every relationship one person tries harder.  And the person who tries harder holds less power.  Once she recognizes that she has the power, game over, you lose,  collect your things and go home.

On the other hand, girls are POWER HUNGRY.  When a cool, hot girl senses

YOU have the upper hand…  Her mind literally can’t handle it.  It FORCES her to chase after you.  (This is especially true if you’re not her usual type)

Want to know something else?

Girls are constantly testing you to see how much power they hold. It could be something as simple as playing with her phone while you’re talking to her, fishing for a compliment… or using her sexuality to see what she can get from you…

How you react to these tests lets her know how much power she has over you…  (Most guys completely miss these tests, and when you’re able to spot them you have a huge advantange over other guys)

Now, in this video I show you a move that shifts the balance of power.  And if you’ve got a female friend in your life, or even a girl you work with… she’ll be the perfect girl to test this on.


The Strange Thing About These Sins…


So, here’s the strange thing about these sins.  And what makes them so dangerous…

They feel like the right move. Sending a girl you like flowers at work feels natural. 

Responding to her texts right away feels natural.  Trying hard to impress her and show her you’d make the perfect boyfriend feels natural.

Yet, everyone of these things is more likely to scare her away then make her want you.

C’mon it feels so natural can it really be that bad?

The short answer is yes. 

Because it feel so natural it’s what every guy does, and it’s exactly what she expects… and makes you completely predictable. 

And remember, one a girl figures you out it over, and you can never have her.

Fortunately, there is an odd, but extremely effective “Mind Game” you can use on a girl that will completely flip the balance of power, and have HER working to impress YOU.

Want a Powerful Seduction Strategy?

Go to the next page and learn powerful ways to…

  • Make a girl think about you constantly (even become obsessed)
  • Turn a female friend into your girlfriend
  • Have her fantasizing about sleeping with you

ll share it with you on the next page…


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